captain's log, 18/08/11, Earthtime
"I am the Morning and the Evening Star."
currently online, total hits.
Hi there, lovelies! My name is GLACIES RAMESSES, and it will be legally so as well, once I'm finished with my NAME CHANGE process, the one of the main reasons why I've rejoined Tumblr, as I need a place where I can talk openly about it. I blow out my candles every October 21st, hoping one day I'll leave this middle of nowhere my family calls home, and move to London or LA. Though a 2nd year IT student, my biggest passion is WRITING, and I'm currently working on a tv-series about the ancient Gods, 2012, love, war, & everything in-between. (Click for MORE.)
This is my new PERSONAL tumblelog, and the only one I currently use. Apart from my daily ramblings re: name change, SCREENWRITING, & random excitements of the day, it is mostly a photoblog consisting of the various THINGS I LOVE: cute, fluffy animals, luxurious architecture, interior design, pools and gardens, fashion, as in the clothes & heels / shoes I'd love to wear, flowers, food, my gifs, glitter, jewelry, Les Mis, make-up, nailpolish, inspirational quotes & lyrics, photography, summer, Thor, tv-shows, ie. currently: NCIS, PLL, Rizzoli & Isles, and WH13, travelling. (See other TAGS.)

It’s still new, so I’ll follow everyone back, as I need stuff on my dash!

It’s gonna be about cute stuff, pretty pictures, fashion, animals, nature, architecture, makeup, etc., pretty much like this blog, only I’ll try to post original stuff.

Also, feel free to talk to me anytime, my ask is always open.